1000 Streets Collective: who we are

1000streets Collective is a community of talented and creative street photographers based in Brussels, Belgium.

It was founded in 2021 by Antoine Deckers, who felt frustrated about not being able to share his passion for street photography with like-minded individuals.

Since then, the collective has grown and evolved into a group of passionate photographers who all share a love for capturing candid moments on the streets. Each member has their own unique style and perspective, which is reflected in their images that tell stories and capture the essence of life in Brussels and other parts of Belgium or the world.

The collective meets once a month to organize photowalks which are open to everyone and share their favorite photos of the month through a common Google Drive. These images are then posted on their Instagram account, @1000streets_Collective, which has been gaining a certain popularity.

The collective’s most recent project is their very first exhibition with Staytion under the theme “Mobility in public spaces”. 

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